Community-Acquired Pneumonia and Invasive Bacterial Diseases in Young Nigerian Children (CAPBID)

The primary goal of CAPIBD is to create a platform for the generation of local data on the causes and burden of community-acquired pneumonia, opportunistic and bacteremic syndromes (bacteremia, sepsis, and meningitis) in order to promote their prevention by increasing the use of existing vaccines, by stimulating the development of new vaccines and by providing a platform for subsequent monitoring of the impact of these vaccines.

Objectives of the project are to:

    1. Establish two field and laboratory sites to determine the pathogen-specific burden of bacteremic syndromes in children.
    2. Determine incidence rates of childhood bacteremic syndromes.
    3. Determine the role of reparatory viruses in severe child pneumonia
    4. Determine the role of co-morbid conditions (HIV, SCD, and malaria) in bacteremic syndromes.  

In Action